As Silicon Valley’s urban center, the City of San José plays a vital economic and cultural role anchoring the world’s leading region of innovation. Encompassing 178 square miles at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay, San José is Northern California’s largest city and the 10th largest city in the nation. With more than one million residents, San José is one of the most diverse large cities in the United States. San José’s transformation into a global innovation center has resulted in one of the largest concentrations of technology companies and expertise in the world, including major tech headquarters like Cisco, Adobe, Samsung, Zoom, PayPal, and eBay as well as start-ups and advanced manufacturing.

San José’s quality of life is unsurpassed. Surrounded by the Diablo and Santa Cruz mountain ranges and enjoying an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, residents have easy access to the beaches along the California coast including Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Carmel; Yosemite and Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada; local and Napa Valley wine country, and the rich cultural and recreational life of the entire Bay region.

San José has received accolades for its vibrant neighborhoods, healthy lifestyle, and diverse attractions from national media including Business Week and Money magazines. The downtown area is home to high-rise residential projects, theaters, museums, and diverse entertainment attractions such as live music and theater, cafes, restaurants, and professional sports. Inquiring minds are served by the Tech Interactive museum, the San José Museum of Art, and many local cultural and entertainment venues. Nineteen public school districts and over 300 private and parochial schools provide residents with a range of educational choices. Universities in and near the city include San José State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, and three University of California campuses.

The San José area is powered by the most skilled workforce in the United States. More than 40% of the workforce has a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 25% nationally. Nearly 40% of San José residents are foreign-born, and more than half speak a language other than English at home. San José is proud of its rich cultural diversity and global connections, and the essential role the City plays in connecting residents and businesses to the nation and the world.

In 2011, the City adopted Envision San José 2040, a long-term growth plan that sets forth a vision and a comprehensive road map to guide the City’s anticipated growth through the year 2040. The Plan proactively directs significant anticipated growth in new homes and workplaces into transit-accessible, infill growth areas and supports evolution toward a more urban landscape and lifestyle.

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Jul 06, 2021
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The City Manager, nominated by the Mayor for approval by the City Council, is the administrative leader of the City of San José. The City Manager is responsible for the operations of all City departments.  Under policy direction from the Mayor and City Council, the City Manager directs the overall operations of the City functions within the purview of the City Manager’s Office. The City Manager is responsible for executing all policies and programs as directed by the City Council and for making recommendations to the City Council to further the City’s goals and objectives.  In accordance with Section 701 of the City Charter, the City Manager has the following powers and duties:  Appoint all officers and employees of the City; Direct and supervise the administration of all dependents, offices, and agencies of the City; Attend all meetings of the Council; Be responsible for the faithful execution of all laws, provisions of the City Charter, and acts of Council subject to...