Government Finance Officers Association

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) ( is the premier association for public sector finance professionals in the United States and Canada.  Founded in 1906, GFOA currently has over 21,000 members that look to GFOA as the gold standard for identifying, developing, and communicating leading practices in government management. As a non-profit organization, GFOA’s mission is to promote excellence in state and local government financial management. GFOA accomplishes this mission by identifying and developing policies and practices and promoting them through education, training, consulting and leadership. GFOA is government by an 18 member executive board made up of leading finance officers from state and local government.

GFOA’s Research and Consulting Center (RCC) is nationally recognized for its comprehensive analytical and advisory services, as well as for research on issues specific to state and local governments’ financial, human resource, procurement, payroll and operational management. Since beginning operations in 1977, the RCC has assisted hundreds of cities, counties, public utilities, and other forms of government to create best practice solutions to meet their unique challenges. Approximately 20 years ago, GFOA began consulting for enterprise resource planning (ERP) system assessments, procurement, contract negotiation, and implementation advisory services. GFOA has built a reputation as the unparalleled leader in the field of providing objective, independent advice for ERP procurement and implementation projects. Our approach to ERP projects focuses on business process improvement, effective governance, and building organizational readiness throughout each stage of the procurement process.