City of Mercer Island

The City of Mercer Island is known throughout the region as a quality employer. Our Human Resource policies support families, healthy lifestyles and on-going career training and development. Our benefits packages are comprehensive and our salaries are competitive. We value our employees.

The City of Mercer Island exists to provide services that are requested by our residents and mandated by law. Being an employee of the City of Mercer Island means joining a team of people committed to a common vision.

The vision is best described by four principles that guide our service delivery:

  • Valuing our employees and helping them to be committed to making our vision happen.
  • Serving our customers well through both attitude and action.
  • Working in teams – the advantages of teamwork show in the delivery of quality products and employee satisfaction.
  • Anticipating and planning for future community needs through a process of continuous improvement and innovation.