Our roots run deep.

Chartered on April 25, 1912, the Marin Municipal Water District is the first municipal water district in California. Prior to that, water in central and southern Marin had been provided by several small, private companies, many of them subsidiaries to local real estate developers. Recognizing the critical importance of reliable water service, the community came together to create a publicly owned and managed water system. Our proud history is what drives our work, and it is at the heart of our mission: to manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner, and to provide you with high-quality water at a reasonable price.

Today, we serve more than 191,000 people in central and southern Marin. We are proud to provide 100 percent locally sourced drinking water. About 75 percent of our water supply comes from our reservoirs on Mt. Tamalpais and in west Marin, with the remaining supply coming from neighboring Sonoma County’s Russian River water system. Our local water supply means you can be sure your water is clean, fresh and sustainably sourced.

Mt. Tam Watershed

Caring for our 22,000 acres watershed land on Mt. Tam and in west Marin is among our top priorities. A healthy watershed means healthy reservoirs and a robust and lasting resource for our community. Our stewardship centers on sustainable practices and responsible vegetation management that reduces invasive species, while preserving native species and natural habitats for wildlife. Guided by an extensive land management plan and supported by our community volunteer and education programs, we are working daily to preserve and protect our watershed for generations to come.