City of Cincinnati, Office of Performance & Data Analytics

The Office of Performance and Data Analytics (OPDA) was created in November of 2014 and is charged with working with the City Manager to establish a comprehensive, integrated performance management program for the City that includes Performance Management Agreements, the CincyStat program, and an Innovation Lab focused on improving and streamlining municipal processes. The goal of OPDA is to have a cumulative impact of delivering better, faster, and smarter services.

The nationally recognized team working with departments to measure performance, evaluate success and identify areas for improvement. The office focuses on key initiatives:


  • CincyStat Meetings - regular performance management sessions between the City Manager and department leadership using data-driven analysis to discuss performance, identify problems, diagnose causes and invest resources to solve issues.
  • Performance Management Agreements - annual agreements between the City Manager and Department heads establishing priorities, goals, objectives, and measures to track and evaluate performance.


  • Data Infrastructure - carefully developed connections to various data sources throughout city government, from department data warehouses, specialized applications, or centralized reporting tables that are then integrated into OPDA's enterprise data warehouse.
  • Data Analysis - OPDA analyst-led investigation and transformation of city data to support leadership in making informed decisions and provide important information to the community.

Innovation Lab

  • Process Improvement - partnership with city departments to utilize data to examine, challenge, and improve processes to enhance city services.
  • Project Management - active support and management of projects, both short- and long-term, to empower departments to improve processes and systems across city government.


  • Open Data Portal - the City's web portal to which datasets are published daily (or more often, for some datasets).
  • CincyInsights - an interactive open data dashboard portal, designed to make open data more user friendly, interactive, and palatable for all users, regardless of background or user experience.