Calling all you math geeks: Your reign is coming to an end! We've stolen your digits and don't plan on giving them back. You've had your chance to rule the universe with your numbers, and now it's our turn. Say goodbye to your personal identification numbers, social security numbers and telephone numbers. We're taking over the world with palindromes, onomatopoeias and quirky catch phrases.

Don't believe us? Here's a preview of what's to come:

In a number-ruled world, you've just finished up your newest class at the gym. Some kind of Pilates meets yoga meets Gyrotonic meets kickboxing aerobic hip-hop session. Drenched in sweat, you suck down your bottled water on your way to the locker room, and that's when it happens. You panic. You can't remember, to save your life, or your dry clothes stuck inside, what the million-digit combination is to open your gym locker.

But thanks to office supply chain Staples, when we word people take over the world, you can forget about forgetting that gazillion-digit combo. The new WordLock from Staples uses letters instead of numbers to guard your workout gear. So all you need to remember is the four- or five-letter word of your choice, and with more than 100,000 combinations, anything goes. As for you number nerds, this one's for you: M-A-T-H.

We know. The idea is so simple that you're scratching your head and wondering why no one thought of it before. We're scratching ours, too, and kicking ourselves for not coming up with it first!

We might not be able to rid the world of numbers, but for less than $6 a lock at, you too can have your own sweet revenge (in six different colors) on every combination you've ever forgotten.