City of Geneva NY

A little about Geneva

Whether you are a new or current resident, the City of Geneva is a great place to call home. Geneva is a city for forward-thinkers and makes economic and community development a priority. It uses public resources wisely and delivers unique value to its residents.

Geneva is a city of many assets. It is a community of choice for engaged, creative, and active citizenry; and a premier destination for progressive households.

Colorful & Diverse

Geneva has a colorful culture that is rich in diversity. Each of the 11 neighborhoods brings a unique sense of community to the people who live there. Local events bring families and individuals together in healthy, fun ways and neighborhoods seek to include individuals from all demographics.

Lives of Residents Is a Top Priority

The City of Geneva is always searching for ways to make the lives of residents a top priority. The city by works to provide you safe streets, great schools, opportunities for growth, recreational activities, and more. Resident pride is the building block of our success.

    How the City Has Continued to Progress Towards Its Vision

    Economic Development

    Private investment and job creation contribute to community success. Through diversification of the tax base the quality of life for our residents is enhanced. Our efforts will be focused on those investments that enhance our posture as a regional tourism center. We seek to become a haven for small, independent businesses, and promote and industrial sector that provides high-skilled, high paying jobs, while respecting our sensitive watershed environment.

    Talent Capitalization

    Vast community resources exist for active residents and engaged civic, business, and not-for profit partners. City Council invests time, effort and resources in building relationships with existing and potential partners, in an effort to leverage public resources, community effort, and expertise.

    Asset Promotion

    Promotion of regional and community assets are important to the development of the city's economic and community growth. In order to maintain and advance our position as a community of choice, City Council invests resources to increase our visibility among target audiences.

    Pride of Place

    Promoting our community as a destination for residents, visitors and businesses begins with genuine pride of place. Council invests resources in efforts that lead to neighborhood and community pride through programs and services that enhance the beauty, function, and safety of public spaces.