Shark Apex Uplight Review in 2022

Shark Apex uplight promises full power to quickly pick up debris, pet hair, and dirt on any surface.

I tested this model to learn about its features and further analyze its parts.

Let's explore the Shark Apex uplight in my article below.

The Superiority of Shark Apex uplight

Compared to other vacuums of the same structure, I consider the overall Shark Apex uplight superior.

It offers power, good cleaning performance, and is superior on most surfaces.

Besides, it also has a larger dirt compartment and a very long operating range.

Last, the Shark Apex uplight is much easier to maintain and lighter to hold.

Shark Apex uplight review

In the next section, let's dig deeper into this model. 

1. Material quality

Evaluation Meredith Smith, Shark Apex uplight has the excellent material quality and is much better than other similar functional models.

Its construction is mainly made of high-quality plastic. The inner part has a metal extension wand.

2. Accessible parts for service

No matter what type of equipment you use, service it regularly to get the best performance.

Shark Apex uplight is no exception.

Fortunately, parts of this design are easily accessible for maintenance. Specifically as follows:

  • Dust container: With just one button, you can remove the dust container when you need to clean it.

  • Brush Roll: Shark Apex uplight does not allow you to remove the primary brush roll. It makes cleaning a little more complicated.

But it is not too difficult for you to reach this position.

Lift the cap underneath the head to remove any tangled or loose hair.

  • Filter: After removing the dust container, you will have access to the filter of this product.

Or remove the cover on the body to take it out.

  • Soft-bristled brush: Cleaning a soft-bristled brush is even simpler. Just remove it and clean it with cold water.

3. Recurring costs

I am pretty surprised because there do not seem to be any recurring costs during the use of Shark Apex uplight.

However, if you want the motor and filter to work correctly, I think you should still replace them every few years.

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4. Storage capacity 

The storage capacity of this device is excellent.

Due to the wheel design, I don't have to worry about preparing something extra so it can stand.

On the other hand, it also comes with onboard storage for different parts like the stiff bristle brush, crevice tool, and more.

5. Portability

Although most sanitary ware is quite heavy overall, I noticed that in the Shark Apex uplight, weight improvement appears.

It is pretty light and has excellent portability.

The truth is that the in-hand weight of this model is only about 4.06 lbs.

6. Reach

With a cord length of 30.18 ft, it's more than enough for me to use in a 33.53 ft-wide space without needing to change sockets.

7. Maneuverability

Manu, an experienced assembly engineerfinds it difficult to find a model that surpasses this version in terms of completeness and maneuverability. Its maneuverability is excellent.

Due to its swivel head design, it is easy to navigate and switch between cleaning profiles.

I only need to remove the cover to switch to Lift-Away mode when I need to clean upper areas like furniture or stairs.


As someone with a strong passion for discovering modern technological devices, I recommend this version as a top option for you to consider. 

I hope my above review has provided you with Shark Apex uplight lift-away duoclean

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