City of Hilliard

In Hilliard, our team of passionate public servants comes to work each day exhibiting “Hilliard’s Promise” with every action we take. We believe and exemplify the following as part of this promise to each other and our community:

· A Heart for Service that results in Exceptional Service from Exceptional People.

· Strength in Teamwork that results in One Team Delivering Bold Results.

· A Drive for Excellence that results in Quality and Innovation in All We Do.

Everything we do as a city is designed to improve the lives of the people living and working here.

We work to ensure Hilliard is safe, healthy, vibrant, and welcoming because our ultimate goal is improving quality of life.

In a resident perception survey performed in 2022, we asked residents how they feel about living in Hilliard. The results were overwhelmingly positive and show our community thinks we are on the right track:

· 96% of surveyed residents say Hilliard is an excellent or good community in which to live.

· 95% would recommend Hilliard to others as a place to call home.

· 94% said the overall customer service by City of Hilliard employees is excellent or good.

· And 93% say Hilliard quality of life is excellent or good.

The City receives nearly 70% of its general fund revenue from a 2.5% municipal income tax. In 2021, community voters overwhelmingly approved a 0.5% increase to that income tax, with the additional revenue earmarked for recreation and parks.

In 2022, the City collected $46.7 million in income tax (withholding, business, and individual). Top employers include Advanced Drainage Systems, Amazon Data Services, and Micro Center Inc.

In 2023, the City of Hilliard was named one of the Intelligent Community Forum’s Top 21 Smart Cities in the world, an honor that recognizes communities demonstrating best practices in broadband implementation, workforce development, digital inclusion, innovation, advocacy, and sustainability.