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What is the best mop for your laminate flooring?

We know why you love laminate floors. And we also understand your concern: How do you care for your laminate? The very first and most important step in this process is choosing a proper mop. And the best mops for Laminate floors should be ones that use microfiber mop heads.

We’ve chosen standouts in 3 categories that will be effective and safe for the laminate finish. Based on your personal taste and experiments, you can pick up the right mop.

1./ Best Flat Mop: Oshang Flat Mop and Bucket Set

Fans of traditional flat mops and buckets will really love this brand. With its smart design, you don’t need to touch your hands to the dirty water or dirty mop head at all. Thanks to the self-cleaning feature, the dirt will be kept in the bucket without worrying about any water spilling out. The bucket is made from premium material that is extra durable. It is also very lightweight, even when filled with full water, so you can bring it around the floor. After finishing your cleaning, you just need to pull the plug at the bottom of the bucket to let the dirty water out.

2./ Best Spin Mop: O-Cedar Easywring Spin Mop and Bucket

This kind of mop is very suitable for small floors and surfaces with many edges. The best feature of this O-Cedar is the triangular mop head. This special design will allow you to clean the corners and tight places effortlessly. When you need to wring out the mop, just step on the pedal on the bucket to activate the wringer system. The excess water will be removed without getting your hands dirty.

You can use this spin mop for both wet and dry purposes. Using wet for a deep clean or dry for dusting surfaces—it’s up to you. After finishing the mopping, you can easily remove the mop head and throw it into the machine, and it will become clean again without needing a touch from you.

3./ Best Spray Mop: O-Cedar ProMist Max Spray Mop

If you prefer a more modern and convenient mop, a spray mop will be your choice. I highly recommend you take a look at the O-Cedar Spray Mop. All you really need is to fill the tank with plain water, add a few drops of essential oil, or use two teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution.

And of course, this spray mop can work without batteries or electricity. You just need to squeeze the trigger to release the spray mist in front of the mop head. I’m sure that you will love the design of the mop-head flips. You can clean without pausing or changing the pad thanks to this feature. For me, this is one of the best mops for Laminate wood floors that I will be sure to buy.

I will pick up a spray mop. And you, which one will you choose? Search for articles from Joseph French, one of our leading writers at TheKingLive, for many other useful tips.