5 Back-to-School Home Cleaning Tips for Quick, Effortless Results

Have you had a busy, exciting time with your kids this summer? Time flies as they are about to return to school. It is a fantastic opportunity to have home cleaning from room to room and get ready before colder weather knocks on your door. During the summer break with children coming in and out, your house likely gets more exposure to pollen and dirt. The tips below may be valuable to you.

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1. Clean up the summer-specific messes

High chances are loads of things build up in your house and occupy plenty of space. If you do not need or use any of these objects anymore, eliminating them will make your home neater. Not to mention, decluttering is an easy and effective exercise for your family members.

Just put away the toys. Grab and wash the beach towels, etc. Gather all of the flip flops here and there around your home and return them to the right spot. Get rid of anything that shows signs of wear or suffers breakage.

2. Have sparkly clean floors

Another must-do task during this home recovery mission is about the flooring. The number of things tracked in on the lower surface of your rooms may amaze you, such as sand, small rocks, pet hair, and garden mud. Making your floor sparkling clean will cause it to feel like a luxury hotel, for sure.

Before grabbing the vacuum cleaner, you should begin with a broom or a dustpan and brush set. Throw away anything sizable that tends to be problematic for your cleaning machine. Even the best home vacuums struggle with objects such as pine cones, wood chips, and bigger rocks. Follow it up with a deep vacuum cleaning.

3. Keep dirt out using the doormats

The in-and-out traffic during summer is unavoidably consistent, which leads to dust, dirt, and other debris from the outside tracked into your house.

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Making a ‘no shoes’ rule in the home is the best way to stay away from outside dirt coming into your living space. Put a shoe basket or doormat near the home entrances to encourage your family and guests to follow the rule.

4. Clean the appliances

You use dishwashers and washing machines pretty regularly, don’t you? Still, do you clean them as necessary? Those appliances pick up foul odors and residue that need cleaning out for their more effective performance.

Wipe them down to eliminate any build-up. Using white vinegar makes it possible to get rid of any odors.

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5. Make a house cleaning checklist for your kids

Your kids and you may not honestly care about the chores while immersing yourselves into summer activities. Now that the children are back in school, it is time to be responsible for the routine tasks at home. Generate a cleaning list for the kids to get involved in the household chores.

To begin with, have them dust their rooms once a week. This will help avoid unnecessary clutter from accumulating. After that, give them some more chores in other parts of the home. You can engage them to help out by creating an award system.

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Your home needs tuning up at the end of a busy, active summer. If you are in a situation when summer break is about to end for your children, the above includes useful home cleaning recovery tips.

Do you have any other tasks which you think we should include on this list to stay at the top of our game? How does your house look this year at the summer’s end?