City of Wentzville

Wentzville is a vibrant city whose charm is exceeded only by the remarkable people who call it home. While times have changed, the friendliness and hospitality that recall a simpler era have not. We enjoy a way of life that contains not only the charming characteristics of a small town, but all of the amenities of a dynamic suburban environment.

The City of Wentzville has worked hard to add many work-life balance/benefits for its employees. We offer a book-share program, chiropractic care and cochlear implant coverage, ergonomic workstations and standing desks, standing meetings, an onsite Weight Watchers program, gym and fitness classes, a 529 payroll deduction, Bring a Child to Work Day, free passes for local events, free recreation center membership, free smoking-cessation products, and more. Through our internal "Best City in the World" team, we are continually in the process of reviewing additional low-cost benefits that aid in boosting morale, retention and recruitment.