Shark Navigator Lift-away Review - Is it too good to be true?

Many shoppers look for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is reasonably priced, has powerful suction, and works well on different surfaces. Thanks to some incredibly useful attachments, the shark navigator lift away nv360 has become the star. It fits everyone's budget. It sucks up all kinds of dirt from even the thickest carpeted areas and bare floors. Many people who bought it love it.

Easy to use

According to many Shark NV360 reviews, it is very easy to use. Though it is not self-propelled, among all the upright vacuums available now, it is among the lightest. It is designed with swivel steering, so it is excellent at navigating around furniture and corners. Indeed mine is a shark navigator lift-away deluxe nv360 upright vacuum, and it just proves the fact that anyone in my house can use it at their first try.

Great mechanics & power

One of the best things about this Shark vacuum series is that it applies this technology that maintains its suction power throughout the life of the vacuum. Actual users said that its suction is the most remarkable feature compared with other vacuum brands. 

What's more, it has two power settings for two different surface types. One is for carpet with the brush roll on, and the other is for bare floors where the brush roll is off. Thus it does an excellent cleaning job anywhere in your house.

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Another significant feature is its sealed HEPA system that traps almost 100% of allergens inside your vacuum, keeping it from getting outside into the air. If you or someone in your family suffers from any allergy, this feature will immediately gain your preference. Still, the chance of contacting with dust is inevitable, especially for those using bagless vacuums. Some who own a shark navigator lift-away deluxe professional bagless vacuum claimed that when emptying the vacuum, some of the dust and allergens may be kicked back into the air.

And if you are a pet owner yourself, just like other pet owners who already used this shark vacuum, you will be happy seeeing how effective it is at sucking up all pet hair in any surface.

Accessories & Tools

Some convenient tools come along with the vacuum itself. The first thing is a hard floor attachment with a duster pad that works perfectly on bare floors. The second is a pet power brush that is used on upholstery. You also get two crevice tools and a dusting brush.

Also, the detachable canister is so worth mentioning, though not a tool itself, because it helps cleaning narrow spaces significantly. It also does excellent cleaning with stairs as you don't have to carry the whole vacuum with every step you go.

Overall, shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 is a great cleaning device for the price, making it one of the most popular, best-rated vacuums available. Features that you normally can only find in more expensive vacuums, they are all there in a shark one. A really good investment for your house!