Department of Consumer and Business Services


“To protect and serve Oregon’s consumers and workers while supporting a positive business climate.”

DCBS is Oregon’s largest consumer protection and business regulatory agency. We are a resource to consumers and businesses in areas involving:

  • Finance (insurance, investments, Oregon-chartered banks and credit unions, consumer finance companies, mortgage lenders, pawnbrokers, payday lenders)
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Building safety

The department is made up of 934 employees from various backgrounds and fields. From economists to consumer advocates, DCBS employees strive to provide the highest quality service to Oregon consumers, workers, and businesses. How we can serve you:

  • Licensing, chartering, and examining: Financial and insurance companies and professionals, building trades workers and inspectors, worker leasing
  • Educating and advocating: Workplace safety workshops, insurance hotline, Medicare counseling, investor outreach, workers’ compensation helplines
  • Setting and enforcing standards: Workplace safety and health, financial and insurance laws, building codes, workers’ compensation benefits