Troubleshooting and Quick Fixes For Your Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360

Since being introduced in 2015, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum has always been one among the best-selling upright vacuums in the U.S market. This blue Shark vacuum comes with a 5-year warranty which somewhat vouched for its reliability when put to real tests. However, there will still be times when you may encounter problems while operating this device. We have taken the initiative to round up the most two common issues and their quick fixes below for your reference.

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1.Loss of suction

You may notice that your Shark vacuum can no longer suck up dirt as it used to. There are several possible causes that may lead to the loss of vacuum’s suction.

Full dust cup

The first thing you should check is if your dust cup has already been filled over the line. A full dust cup will not have enough space to store more dirt coming in. In this case, simply take it out and empty it over your trash bin.

Clogging problem

Suction loss may also stem from some sort of blockage in the airway, either in the air duct at the back of the dust cup or the opening behind the brush roll.

You can check for clogs by placing the vacuum upright, removing the cup and unplugging the hose to get a look in the air duct.

Otherwise, put your Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 down and see if there is debris behind the roller. Using scissors, you can safely remove the blockage.

Unclean filters

When the foam and felt filters are not clean, the vacuum will lose its suction power. What you can do is to take these out and rinse them thoroughly under warm water. You should consider periodically changing your set of filters, including a HEPA filter following the manufacturer's guideline.

Worn out hoses

If you suspect that your vacuum hoses have wear and tear defects, it is time that they need to be replaced. There are two types of hoses on a Shark vacuum NV360, one that connects the nozzle with the base unit and another that connects the handle and the wand. Sometimes, the cracks might be invisible, but it may still be necessary to obtain an inexpensive replacement if your machine has been running for several years.

Problem with motor

Unfortunately, if all else has failed, it is possible that the motor on your Shark has expired. It is highly recommendable that you buy a whole new vacuum because replacing the motor is costly and simply not worth the trouble.

2.Brush roll is not spinning

Brush roll gets turned off

Because brush roll on Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 is an optional function, sometimes you may forget such a thing. Make sure you have it switched on before trying something else.

Brush roll gets blocked

Pet hair and other kinds of debris accumulated on brush rolls may stop them from spinning. Turn off the device before removing the base unit's detached canister. To clear the blockage, you can again use scissors but be careful not to cut the bristles.

Vacuum head is not assembled correctly

In case you have not put the nozzle in its correct position, the brush roll will not be spinning. You can fix this by pushing down on the handle to fully attach the vacuum head.

Nevertheless, if you have tried everything without success, you can always call SharkNinja’s customer service line at 1-877-581-7375. We think you will be happy to learn that SharkNinja is a company which is keen on achieving high customer satisfaction.

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