City of Rancho Cucamonga

Like most cities in California, Rancho Cucamonga is a general law city run under the "Council-Manager" form of government. A general law city is one which operates under laws and rules established by the State of California. The "Council-Manager" form establishes a method of governance which allows for democratic participation, representation through City Council, professional implementation, and efficient operation that comes from a full-time professional manager.

We value our employees here at Team RC!  The City of Rancho Cucamonga (Team RC) is not your average public agency employer. We are an award-winning “Best-in-Class Employer” by Gallagher!  

When you work for Team RC, you are getting more than a job.  You get a career and a supportive community that will help you develop both professionally and personally.  You will work in an environment that celebrates your accomplishments and recognizes that failures are a path to growth.  Team RC is a team where you work/life integration is championed, and you get experience the reward of seeing your unique contributions positively impact the residents of our world-class community, Rancho Cucamonga!