City of Westerville

Settled in 1809 and later founded in 1858, the City of Westerville has operated under the Council-Manager form of government for more than 100 years. Westerville City Council consists of seven at-large members elected to serve four-year terms. Council elects officers among themselves to serve two-year terms as Council Chair, Council Vice-Chair, Mayor, and Vice-Mayor. By Charter, Council elections are non-partisan. The City Manager, Clerk of Council, and Law Director are appointed by and report directly to City Council. The City Manager serves as the organization’s chief administrative officer.

The fiscal year (FY) 2020 total budget is nearly $200 million, including the general fund, capital, and utility funds. Approximately 440 full- and permanent part-time staff and more than 300 seasonal employees account for the City’s workforce. The City maintains the best-achievable AAA bond ratings from both Moody’s and S&P and has achieved the GFOA Certificate of Excellence for Financial Reporting for 35 consecutive years. Westerville’s financial management has been repeatedly honored by the Auditor of State Award of Distinction for outstanding financial management.

City departments include Administrative Services, Electric, Finance, Fire, Information Services, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Development, Police, Public Service, and Water. The City provides fire protection and emergency medical services to residents within neighboring Blendon Township through a contractual mutual aid agreement.

The City’s mission is “The City of Westerville is dedicated to providing exemplary municipal services to our community and fostering prosperity while embracing our unique heritage and character.” Its vision: “Westerville will be a safe, friendly, vibrant, attractive and diverse community, where people and families live, learn, work and play, and where a small-town feel and quality of life is valued.” Known as a “City within a Park,” its expansion parks and recreation system is one of the City’s most prominent characteristics. Finally, the City’s core values have been adopted to include the following:

  • Innovation
  • Stewardship
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Public Safety
  • Community Engagement
  • Employee Enrichment
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Westerville City Council has also adopted several Strategic Goals intended to help advance the City’s mission and vision:

  • Westerville Safe | Prioritize community-wide public safety, with emphasis on programs that educate, build awareness and provide resources in areas such as family violence, mental health issues and crime prevention.
  • Environmental Sustainability | Conserve and actively protect our natural resources while reducing the environmental footprint for the delivery of public services, utilities and programs. Create programs that influence, inspire and, on occasion, incentivize residents and businesses to do the same.
  • Mobility Improvement | Pursue infrastructure improvements and accessibility for public transportation; continue master planning initiatives that make Westerville easily accessible for all means of transportation – walking, cycling and driving.
  • Attainable Housing | Explore options for housing that promote greater affordability and access.
  • Improvements to the City’s Uptown District | Enhancing the infrastructure and protecting the historical significance of the City’s original downtown.

Finally, the City has identified its brand by three tenets. Westerville’s brand story was developed in partnership with the entire community and helps define the way we speak to ourselves and others when it comes to attracting residents, business investment, visitors, and students. For the full brand story, visit

  • Authentic Charm | Speaks to the powerful quality of life found in Westerville. This community already possesses an authentic charm many other cities try to create. It’s found in places like the historic Uptown, which is alive with culture, independent commerce and heritage.
  • Purposeful Spirit | Westerville was talking about “intention” before it was a trend. It’s a place where business can focus on what matters most, and City government will be responsive. It is the tangible investment made by local government in personal and professional success and satisfaction.
  • Promise | Very simply, Westerville keeps its promises. This is a place for innovation and “forward thinking” planning. It is demonstrated in milestone-setting initiatives that define an “intelligent community.”