Management Partners

Management Partners is a local government consulting firm that helps cities, counties and special districts improve. Our services include:

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Analysis
Executive Recruitment
Interim Placement
Organization Assessments
Organization Development
Performance Management
Process Improvement
Project Management
Strategic and Business Planning
Service Sharing and Service Consolidation

Management Partners was founded in 1994. Our associates include leaders and managers in all local government operations, including about two dozen former city/county managers and many others who have led departments and agencies. We have helped more than 900 clients in 42 states with more than 1,700 improvement projects.

As a local government consulting firm, our client list includes many large cities and counties, small cities, counties, villages, towns and townships throughout the United States. We assist special districts of all types as well as public schools and community colleges. As a result, our many repeat clients say they choose us because of the principles on which we build our work:

Knowledge. Our associates have served in local governments, so therefore we understand the environment in which you work.
Collaboration. The work we do supports your strategy and goals.
Proven Methodologies. We use field-tested techniques for each phase of the work.
Customization. We tailor each project to the client’s unique needs.
Quality Work. Our processes ensure first-rate staff work. They adhere to the highest ethical standards.
Action. The recommendations we make are designed for implementation.

For more information about how we can help your organization improve, please contact us today.