City Manager

$275,000 - $295,000 yearly
  • City of Boulder
  • 1777 Broadway, Boulder, CO, USA
  • Jan 11, 2021
Full time Executive

Job Description

About the City Manager Position

The City Manager serves as the top executive officer of the City and reports to the Mayor and Council. The new City Manager provides comprehensive management and leadership to ensure all City services and infrastructure are delivered in an equitable, sustainable, and effective manner. This position supports the mission of the City Manager’s Office by championing an engaged, collaborative, and innovative organizational culture; providing professional leadership in the administration and execution of City policy as established by Council; and establishing relationships and partnerships to implement community priorities.

The City Manager develops short and long-term goals, plans, and measurements to implement the priorities and directives of the City Council. This position directs and oversees the strategic planning, development, and implementation of programs and services within financial constraints and in accordance with City Council priorities, policies, and regulations.

The City Manager actively engages with the Council, senior leadership, and front-line staff to review and evaluate organizational initiatives and facilitate strategies to proactively address issues, resolve problems, and promote organizational effectiveness. The City Manager leads and supports a diverse staff of passionate and talented employees in further developing an outstanding organizational culture that supports excellence, continuous improvement, and a high degree of customer service.

The City Manager effectively communicates and promotes City initiatives in cooperation with staff, projecting a kind, compassionate, and cooperative public image, and ensuring collaboration and strong customer service to the community at all times. In addition, the City Manager effectively represents the City, its programs, and projects in cooperation and collaboration with the Mayor and City Council.


  • Build strong, positive relationships with the City Council, Executive Leadership Team, and broader City staff. Collectively work to understand our current organization, operations, and culture to effectively prioritize and cooperatively work towards achievable goals.
  • Develop an integrated strategy that fosters organizational alignment and consistency. Ensure finances and resources are aligned in order to prioritize our time, energy, and investments that lead to equitable outcomes and support the greatest impact on our community.
  • Continue to lead our COVID-19 response and economic recovery strategy centering on the needs of those most affected by the pandemic. Identify long term funding that provides essential and sustainable services and enables the community to adapt and thrive.
  • Cultivate greater collaboration and unity amongst the Executive Leadership team in support of our One City Approach. Build an environment of trust and cross-departmental cooperation, support open and reflective decision-making, and leverage the team’s collective knowledge and power to support our strategy and bring greater impact to City initiatives.
  • Align our talent strategy with our organizational strategy through focusing on equity and authentic inclusion to build a culture that reflects Boulder’s expressed values and service mission. Further recognize and prioritize the importance of the employee experience. Build on our human capital, champion employee development, and support a culture of opportunity for all employees.
  • Commit to advancing racial equity by ensuring our policies, programs, and practices are free from institutional and systemic racism. Support the City’s Racial Equity Plan as a living road map that prioritizes goals, specifies details, assigns resources, and measures progress to achieve meaningful change while further collaborating to ensure staff fully understand, appreciate, and demonstrate the values of our equity focus in their day to day work.
  • Work to meet the City’s clean energy and climate goals. Embrace the new partnership with Xcel Energy and take bold, innovative, and collaborative actions to create systemic change that fully addresses our climate change initiatives and ensures our quality of life.
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue regarding urban growth and development in our community. Encourage economic vitality that supports financial security, entrepreneurship, economic opportunity, and social mobility.
  • Facilitate continued conversations regarding housing affordability and our unhoused population. Collaborate to identify creative solutions, remain equitable in our planning, and consider compassionate policy changes that support diverse housing options and, more importantly, allow more people to call Boulder home while recognizing that we cannot solve a national problem with local resources.
  • Continue to build authentic community connections and engagement as the City evolves. Successfully engage those in our community who have been historically excluded, maintain a strong grounding in race, and utilize an equitable process to reshape and redesign our work and systems to meet the needs of our entire community. 


Ideally, ten years of progressively responsible experience in municipal government, including at least seven years of administrative or leadership responsibility. A successful track record as a City Manager or Deputy City Manager with prior experience in a full-service city is required. Strong managerial experience and the ability to work closely with the City Council is essential. A Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Political Science, or related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience that enable success as the City Manager is essential. A Master’s degree in Public Administration or a related field is desired. The City Manager is required to reside within the City of Boulder.

Desired Qualities and Experience

  • Strong emotional intelligence
  • Direct experience working in a growing, diverse community
  • A compassionate leader who is willing to listen to and learn from colleagues at all levels of the organization
  • A deep commitment to racial equity, along with demonstrated experience supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion work
  • A background in social justice
  • Ability to engage in meaningful collaborations with social service partners
  • Exceptional financial background with a strong commitment to financial sustainability
  • Knowledge of housing, development, planning, and economic vitality
  • Prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship
  • Strong ability to develop effective partnerships
  • Knowledge of organizational development
  • Prior experience driving change and transformation
  • Leverages best practices with an eye towards efficiency
  • Embraces technology and utilizes data and analytics to drive decisions