Full Stack .NET Developer

$60,000 - $95,000 yearly
  • PublicInput.com
  • Remote
  • Jul 09, 2021
Full time Information Technology

Job Description

This role will be responsible for working with the product team to bring key functionalities to life on the PublicInput.com platform. This will require translating user stories, support requests, and user interface mockups into actionable development tasks and building the functionality across the full stack (MSSQL- >. NET- >MVC- >Html+JS).

We have weekly product meetings to set the key goals and deliverables for each sprint. You'll be a key contributor at these meetings, thinking through key functionalities and how to deliver them to create value for customers.

  • Within your first month, you build a deep understanding of PublicInput.com's current initiatives and tech stack (.NET MVC, OO Javascript, and jQuery), coding style and standards, and have contributed code to the repository.
  • By the end of month 2, you should have added features to our existing projects, and prototyped at least one new idea.
  • From there your role will continue to evolve – we're still a small team. The types of problems we are trying to solve could include:
  • Establish easy-to-use pathways for clients to live stream their public meetings using a conferencing service like Zoom and Azure RTMP integrations.
  • Evolve our interactive mapping tools to make it easy for admins to import their own map layers and gather public feedback on proposed changes.
  • Make virtual meeting agendas more interactive, so the public can quickly understand what is being discussed and provide their input on the current topic.

What we expect

  • Act as a technologist.
  • You write production code quickly and stick to SOLID principles.
  • You're comfortable working in a large existing codebase, and focus on quickly learning the pieces you need to make incremental improvements - while recognizing when a refactor is unavoidable.
  • You love open source tools and frameworks, and think critically about when to apply these to solve a particular problem.
  • You're creative: you dig deep into your experiences and personal knowledge to bring new perspectives and approaches to development.
  • Deliver value by understanding need.
  • You're a technologist, but also a human being. You love to have conversations with real users to understand the real need.
  • Ask hard questions and challenge assumptions to ensure that we're solving the right problems.
  • You see every feature request as a tiny piece of a much bigger puzzle.
  • Care about making democracy more inclusive and effective.
  • Care about the public servants who show up every day to make state and local government work.