Technical Product Manager

$85,000 - $110,000 yearly
  • Remote
  • Jul 09, 2021
Full time Administration/Management Information Technology Other (Please Specify)

Job Description

The company is seeking a product manager with experience in the B2B or B2G space to bring dedicated capacity and leadership to our product development process. This role reports directly to the CEO and interface with the engineering team and customer success team.

Given the company’s growth, this role will be dynamic and afford a great opportunity to grow as a product professional and as a product leader. For context, last year the company grew from 12 to 25 people, and is on track for becoming a 50 person team by Q1 2022. The company is bootstrapped and growing sustainably on the back of 100%+ year over year organic revenue growth.

Get signal from the noise

Each week, over 500 state and local government administrators log into Public Input to build surveys, run meetings, manage public comments, and communicate with residents by text, phone and email. Hundreds of account admins add new users and departments, and hundreds of thousands of residents interact with the public interfaces curated by our customers through the platform.

This generates a lot of usage data in tools like Pendo, Intercom, and Google Analytics. Add to that the noise of regular account manager conversations with clients, generating insights into need, usage, and issues. There is a lot of data, and frankly, a lot of noise.

This role is tasked with helping make sense of the noise by bringing structure to usage data, interviews, and in-app feedback. Working alongside the CEO and other company stakeholders, you’ll use this signal to prioritize product development that aligns with company strategy and brings value to customers.

Translate that signal into development sprints

Prioritizing what to build first is critical, but if the engineering team doesn’t have a clear understanding of need and desired outcomes, product will miss the mark. You’re next core responsibility will be translating product priorities into actionable user stories with the help of the UX lead, who you’ll work closely with.

In this capacity, you’ll play an active role in sprint planning meetings, providing information and clarity about each feature or issue being addressed as part of development sprints. Ahead of meetings, you’ll help document issues and features, engaging the UX Designer to create wireframes for customer input and engineering team usage.

Experience with wireframing and design software is not required, but is certainly welcome. What’s key here is excellent communication skills and a good handle on Occam’s razor.

Ensure follow-through after delivering new features

You understand that “Ship it” means “Not done”, and great software development is not about features delivered, but meaningful problems solved. As part of each released feature set, you’ll be tasked with measuring adoption and following up with clients and internal stakeholders to confirm we’re delivering impactful solutions to clients, and ultimately the public.

As part of this you’ll use app usage metrics and customer interviews to follow-up on product updates and help the team iterate until the intended outcome is truly achieved.

Champion the shift to Product-led

The company is actively looking to rework core aspects of its functionality into a module that can be purchased on a trial or low-price basis, then engaged to convey the broader benefits and applications of the platform. This is a nascent effort that will take a lot of thought, planning, and intention. Thankfully this is completely congruent with the core efforts listed above and is not mutually exclusive in the effort to deliver value and solutions to the client.

As part of this strategic effort, you’ll work closely with the CEO to plan and lead a rollout of a product-led module at the company. This effort will require us to tackle new problems, hire new people, and coordinate closely with marketing to bring a new approach to growth, lead generation, and customer engagement to the company.