Assistant County Manager for Successful People

$143,251 - $180,497 yearly
  • Guilford County Government
  • Greensboro, NC, USA
  • Jul 11, 2021
Full time Administration/Management

Job Description

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Guilford County is a high-performing local government organization that maintains a culture embracing diversity, striving for equality, and inspiring individual and organizational excellence. The Assistant County Manager for Successful People is one of three Assistant County Managers and serves on the County Manager’s leadership team, along with two other Assistant County Managers. This position is a new addition to the County Manager’s office as part of a reorganizational alignment under the Board’s values and priorities to provide strategic and intentional community and organizational support.

The Assistant County Manager in this role will oversee Successful People departments, including the Department of Health and Human Services, which includes Public Health, Social Services, and related support programs; Behavioral Health; Child Support Enforcement; Veterans Services; Coordinated Community Services relationships; and support of the Continuum of Care planning body working to end homelessness. Departmental assignments may rotate among all Assistant County Managers as needed to meet operational goals.

The Assistant County Manager is responsible for directing successful work in the planning, administration, management, and execution of County services and the responsible use of County resources. A champion of engaged, diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and innovative organizational culture, the selected candidate will establish internal and external relationships that advance joint interests, achieve community priorities, and benefit the community’s health. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying service and outcome disparities, especially those related to whole community health, associated with assigned departments, and building collaborative partnerships to eliminate them. The selected candidate provides strategic direction to assigned departments and acts as a liaison between the County Manager and department directors and between County Government and other governmental entities, community partners, and resident groups. Developing and implementing operational goals, planning and achieving budgetary objectives, and facilitating the development and implementation of approved initiatives are all under the purview of the Assistant County Manager.