Volunteer Resources and Resiliency Program Administrator

$66,810 - $101,275 yearly
  • City of Virginia Beach
  • Municipal Center Building 1-Executive Office
  • Oct 12, 2021
Full time Other (Please Specify)

Job Description

This executive level position will administer two programs under the City Manager's Office including direct oversight of the staff (5 FTE) and volunteers/interns.  

In addition to those duties listed on the official city job description, some key duties include but are not limited to: 

Office of Volunteer Resources 

  • Assist department Volunteer Resource Managers with issues related to Risk Management and Legal   
  • Learn city HR Policies/Administrative Directives and procedures related to Volunteers and Staff   
  • Evolve your aligned organizational structure to fit the growing needs of our internal and external customers  
  • Continue to set high expectations of staff and give them the tools they need to meet and exceed those expectations  
  • Work with the City Auditor and Office of Performance and Accountability to establish better accountability and transparency in reporting  
  • Continue to build a sustainable and valued team of Volunteer Resource Managers, volunteers and advocates for volunteerism throughout our City  
  • Generate a culture of inclusion, appreciation and accountability for all staff and volunteers   

Recovery and Resiliency Program 

  • Coordinate services to provide ongoing support to survivors, including but not limited to navigation services, alternative therapies, counseling, facilitated gatherings, training classes, forums, and workshops.  
  • Actively participate in the “RecoveryStat” program, attending meetings and ensuring the work assigned by the City Manager and Office of Performance and Accountability is being completed  
  • Serve on the National Resiliency Directors Forum 
  • Grant & Donations Management  
  • Oversight of the contract for ongoing clinical services and resiliency programming 
  • Serve on the May 31 Permanent Memorial as one of the Staff Liaisons (City Manager’s Office Rep) 


  • Continuously improve and personalize staff and volunteer recognition program and performance management 
  • Convene and serve as a liaison for city officials, staff, volunteers, retirees, and community members 
  • Enhance and improve professional development of staff, Volunteer Resource Managers and volunteers 
  • During emergency/disaster situations, serve as Section Chief for ICS/EOC (ESF 17 – Logistics) coordinating volunteers and donations   
  • Establish Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with key partners and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with key internal partners
  • Continue to administer a balanced and thoughtful budget with primary consideration going to taxpayers (Michaela is your Budget lead)  
  • Work with staff and volunteers to ensure leave is being used wisely with office coverage as the priority  
  • Review monthly financial analysis from Database Manager for quality control purposes  
  • Provide pre-approvals for any spending related to the office budget and/or PCARD Purchases  
  • Prioritize the need for timely and accurate data shared by all 
  • Embrace and embody the city’s organizational values  

As a City Manager appointee, this position serves at the pleasure of the City Manager and is not considered part of the merit service as defined in City Code, section 2-75