Chief Information Officer-Genesee County

$130,000 - $150,000 yearly
  • Hiring Solutions LLC
  • Flint, MI, USA
  • Nov 09, 2021
Full time Accounting Administration/Management Data & Analysis Information Technology

Job Description

Oversees and coordinates all County information resources, including information and data, processing hardware and software, telecommunications, and information system structures; responsible for implementation and coordination of the strategic information resources plan as defined by the Board of Commissioners; serves at the sole discretion and is appointed by the Board of Commissioners, performs related duties as required.

• Develops, plans, organizes, administers and evaluates the County’s technology applications, platforms and infrastructure.
• Supervises and evaluates staff.
• Recommends changes in data management, communications, or office systems equipment in a cost-efficient manner while assuring reliable and timely service.
• Recommends the purchase, rent, lease, license or other acquisition from outside sources of technology systems, communications systems and office systems.
• Reports progress on development projects, resource utilization and production performance to the Board of Commissioners.
• Monitors the cyber security needs of all data to secure the integrity and reliability of technology information systems, communication systems and office systems.
• Reviews formulation of project definitions showing project objectives, information systems requirements, and analytical and programming personnel requirements of proposed systems.
• Reviews requests for additional information system services and identifies impacts on current planned resources.
• Coordinates and directs professional services for feasibility studies, system analysis and design, and programming of information, communication and office systems.
• Directs the continual upgrading of the information systems staff, equipment and procedures to maintain a current environment with technological evolution, economic change, and government operation needs.
• Prepares annual information systems budget and establishes controls to stay within the budget.
• Maintains effective communication with all operating and staff organizations to assure that their needs for information systems for government management and decision making are provided as appropriate.
• Assists in the establishment of priorities in the development of information resource plan.
• Plans and coordinates the training for County personnel regarding the entire technology environment inclusive of cyber security.

• Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Computer Science.
• Five (5) years administrative and/or supervisory experience in general technologies, telecommunications, office and information systems structure including mainframe, current application development platforms, networking, and office systems.

• Knowledge and understanding of all levels of technology-based information systems, including but not limited to, mainframe, current application development platforms, telecommunications and networking, end-user computing areas such as office systems, decision support systems and executive information systems.
• Knowledge of good management principles and the practice of public administration.
• Ability to manage and supervise others.
• Strong leadership skills.
• Ability to prepare and present complex oral and written reports.
• Ability to read, interpret and analyze complex materials.
• Ability to work and communicate effectively with all levels of people from technical experts to end users.
• Ability to participate in and contribute to the strategic technology-based information systems planning process while working collaboratively with outside government agencies.
• Ability to attend work regularly and work under stressful conditions.
• Skill in effective program management and staff leadership.