Internal Communications Specialist

$59,194 - $82,872 yearly
  • City of Greeley
  • Greeley, CO, USA
  • Feb 12, 2020
Full time Government

Job Description

This Internal Communication Specialist will help develop and lead the implementation of an internal communication strategy (including tactics, activities, and materials) that supports the City of Greeley's desired culture and fosters employee engagement while communicating the organization's policies, program aims and priorities.   The Internal Communication Specialist works collaboratively with department leaders and the City Manager's Office to empower the development and delivery of communication that supports the City's operational objectives, strategic vision and goals. This position works with multiple executives to inform, prepare and help execute communication plans related to city initiatives, projects, benefits, technology, operational expectations, changes, organizational culture and goals.  This position frequently collaborates with the city's leadership team to strategize communication that will help drive understanding and, as needed, influence change across all staff levels. This position reports to the Communication and Engagement Director. *First review of applications/consideration will be February 25, 2020.   **This position may close at any time.   

Experience, Knowledge, Skills

The Ideal Candidate Will:

  • Be self-motivated to lean into the work and needs of internal clients
  • Be a good listener, synthesizer and strategist
  • Help leaders and employees connect the dots between their efforts and those of others so they can see how they contribute to Greeley's success
  • Be a master of strategic thinking and execution in order to move the organization forward while making employees feel like they are part of something special
  • Be experienced in setting strategy, while also navigating relationships with different stakeholders across the organization and collaborating with colleagues
  • Easily adapt to the changing needs and circumstances of communications work
  • Set a superior example of competence, professionalism, energy, collaboration, innovation and work ethic to the organization and community
  • Have a strong knowledge of available communication tools and be self-driven to explore emerging and innovative communication trends, tools and resources.
  • Function and operate effectively, even when things are not certain or the way forward is not clear.
  • Be skilled in the foundational aspects of change management.
  • Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Education:
  • Degree in Communications or a related field or combination of education and experience. Knowledge of best practices in communication and the basic principles of change management. Ability to operate autonomously.
  • Willingness to self-educate as needed.
  • Ability to apply knowledge to address a broad selection of tasks. Understanding of new and emerging industry practices and trends.
  • Ability and expertise to manage and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously. Excellent verbal and written skills required.
  • Proficiency with multi-platform  communication  tools. Ability to conceptualize and execute a variety of messages. Ability to identify valuable and useful metrics.
  • Ability to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure communication success. Experience with the following software:
  • Microsoft Office Suite Adobe Creative Suite WordPress
  • Experience with current social media applications and online platforms for communication and engagement.
  • Experience with digital cameras


Essential Functions

  • Develop and maintain an internal communication strategy that offers continuity for communicating across the organization and enhances the organization's ability to effectuate change.
  • Collaborate with the communication and engagement team to develop, implement, and manage the organization's internal communication strategy.
  • Supports project managers and directors with strategy, structure, and materials for ongoing conversations with their teams to drive conversation vs. pushing messages.
  • Work closely with the City Manager's Office (CMO) as primary project sponsor and take some direction from appropriate CMO staff.
  • Coordinate the content and distribution of information to employees through a variety of channels.
  • Research, plan and customize the execution of varying strategic communication plans that ensure the right messages, reach the right people at the right time.
  • Ensure that all strategic communication plans identify opportunities for project pulse check and/or measurement of key indicators/metrics.
  • Determines processes for using identified communication channels. Consistently monitor and execute the use of communication channels.
  • Develop internal communication processes, guidelines, and best practices and provide oversight for the use of internal communications channels.
  • Develop relationships with departments to help create strategic communications related to departmental and/or organizational initiatives.
  • Educate Greeley residents and create support for city projects and priorities.
  • Work with community partners to create new and maximize existing partnerships that advance city priorities.
  • Complete an environmental scan of the city's current internal communication and use judgment and best practices to establish, implement, and consistently asses the internal communication practices for the organization.
  • Utilize varying modes of operation for internal communication based on each specific project or initiative.
  • Determine communication strategies and methodologies with little direction.