Chief Equity and Diversity Officer - Tompkins County

$92,976 yearly
  • Tompkins County Govt
  • Ithaca, NY, USA
  • Jan 06, 2023
Full time Administration/Management

Job Description



This is a confidential, policy advising position reporting directly to the County Administrator as a member of senior management that is responsible for leading the development and implementation of Tompkins County’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. This position will collaborate with County administrative leadership, County legislative bodies and community stakeholders to establish equity as a shared value across the organization and the community and advocate for necessary human and financial resources for implementation. This position will foster an inclusive culture across the County organization to ensure County processes have inclusive and equitable outcomes. The Chief Equity and Diversity Officer (CEDO) is responsible for facilitating dialogue and organizational practices that support the development and adoption of equity as a shared value. The position will serve as the technical expert in addressing equity as it is applied to County wide policies, programs, practices, training, contracts and budget decisions to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. The CEDO will collaborate with County department heads and employees to facilitate an organizational culture that normalizes the use of an equity lens designed to address institutional barriers that interfere with access and equitable service delivery.







·  Develops and implements the County’s Workforce Diversity & Inclusion policy & goals;

·  Represents the County in community, regional and statewide equity collaborations on behalf of the County Administrator and Legislature;

·  Establishes baseline disparity data targets, and processes to track, review and report outcomes;

·  Provides expert technical guidance and leadership to department heads, management and elected officials on equity and social justice issues affecting County programs and practices based on data and analysis of proposed legislation and regulations

·  Advocates for sufficient funding and resources in order to implement equity and diversity initiatives and training;

·  Investigates complaints of discrimination, and harassment and provide recommendations of resolutions and corrective actions to ensure compliance with anti-discriminatory laws, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs and regulations;

·  Coordinates policies, processes and procedures for anti-discrimination reporting;


·  Leads the County’s Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) work, working with other County equity leaders;

·  Works with the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee to routinely re-examine policies, legislation and the workplace climate survey;

·  Lead and facilitate Tompkins County’s Team Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion as the employee-led Core Equity Team for the organization

·  Provides develop, management and oversight over workplace climate survey implementation projects and any other organizational and/or departmental projects relating to diversity and inclusion;

·  Directs, evaluates and coordinates analyses and recommendations regarding race and equity policy issues and long-term plans to address department needs and services and the needs of the community; develops and coordinates reports and supporting materials to be presented to the Legislature for information or action;

·  Collaborates with community, local businesses, non-profits, colleges, partners to identify and address cumulative impacts of institutional and structural inequities in Tompkins County;

·  Develops and implements budgets, cost containment procedures, and program improvement measures;

·  Assists advisory boards, county departments and Human Resources with county recruitment practices and outreach as a consultant and offering strategic direction;

·  Coordinates with the Office of Human Rights to ensure organizational and community alignment on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

·  Conducts regular national best practices research and comparative analyses to ensure the County’s continued progress as a municipal leader in diversity, equity and inclusion;

·  Develops and or carefully searches out the best available training opportunities for county department heads, management and employees.