Assistant Director

$52,150 - $73,009 yearly
  • City of Bloomington
  • Jul 17, 2020
Full time Government

Job Description

Job Description

Assists in overseeing all department operations and supervision of office staff, assisting with hiring and evaluation of employees. Oversees coordination of the Communication Development Block Grant (CDBG) process. Coordinates workforce housing monitoring. Assists with the oversight of the housing counseling program, including providing housing counseling to individuals. Assists with the oversight and/or coordination of the following programs: rental inspection, rental rehabilitation, HOME, Housing Development Fund, historic preservation, neighborhoods, and Jack Hopkins. Supervises the response and resolution of citizen complaints as they relate to Title 6 of the Bloomington Municipal Code. Attends and makes departmental recommendations at a wide variety of public meetings such as Board of Housing Quality Appeals, Board of Public Works, Historic Preservation Board, and various citizen groups. Coordinates with City Legal Department on departmental legal issues such as noncompliance of municipal ordinances, and the drafting of various contracts for service. Directs and supervises the daily activities of program marketing and applications intake, processing and documenting procedures as it relates to the various department programs and projects. Administers and supervises department resources efficiently, including coordinating the implementation of a housing development strategy among government agencies, private for profit and not-for-profit housing organizations. Responsible for supervising program implementation, ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state and local ordinances, laws, rules and regulations, which may include site specific variables and special conditions. Oversees, formulates, prepares and submits various reports and grant applications for the department. Takes all reasonable steps to maintain a safe work environment.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or related field or equivalent combination of work experience and educational training that provides required skills and knowledge. Minimum work experience equivalent to three years. At least one year working with CDBG and HOME federal programs or other federal or community development related programs.


Demonstrates concise and effective communication skills and technical writing ability. Thorough working knowledge of municipal ordinances and federal and state building codes and administrative rules; the ability to interpret and apply regulations to a variety of specific cases. Thorough knowledge of complaint resolution procedures, legal notice requirements, due process procedures, citation authority, and general municipal practices and procedures. Basic knowledge of construction management; the ability to oversee rehabilitation projects. Thorough understanding of construction finance and pro forma analysis. Ability to interpret and apply federal laws and regulations dealing with community and economic development programs. Ability to plan and schedule a wide variety of complicated tasks, applying good time management skills. Ability to administer state and federal programs and local government budgeting procedure. Ability to operate standard office equipment. Thorough knowledge of the housing market and industry practices and finance issues.

Other Requirements

Ability to obtain Housing Counseling Certification.


8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday; other times as necessary