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Gig Position: Business Development Outreach for NRC/Polco

  • ELGL Gig Connector Program
  • Remote
  • Sep 01, 2020
Contractor Government

Job Description

Organizational Description:

At Polco/National Research Center (NRC) we believe that smarter, more connected communities bring perspectives that inspire change. We offer a gold-standard suite of survey research and online civic engagement tools to deliver insights you can rely on. Across the nation, hundreds of local governments and other public sector entities use our services to move their communities forward.  Learn more about Polco/NRC here

Description of Work:   

Polco is interested in receiving assistance in creating opportunities that connect interested community decision makers with Polco staff regarding its engagement tools and and benchmark surveys.  The work will include outreach efforts via personal connections, phone, and emails using scripts and template outlines prepared by Polco.  Success in this role will be to create interest in learning more about how Polco can support community engagement and performance assessments that results in an exploratory meeting with Polco.

During the next month, there is particular urgency because communities can utilize CARES Act resources to fund engagement and survey tools that support COVID19 recovery planning.   

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience 

This opportunity is intended for anyone unemployed or who is working less than full-time.

The preferred candidates will have demonstrated knowledge and experience that reflects an understanding and appreciation for resident engagement and performance management in local government.  We are interested in skillsets and work experience that reflects a positive and professional personality, a good understanding of social media technology, attention to details, and disciplined work ethic. Geographical distribution is also important.

Organizational Approval 

Employees interested in this position will be expected to explore and address any municipal policies that would create a conflict or issue relating to this work opportunity.  We want to ensure that employees are not subjecting themselves to any work-related  conflicts that might impact any other employment status.

Pay rate

This position is paid on a commission-basis:

  • Successfully connecting an interested community decision maker with Polco, resulting in an Exploratory meeting:   $ 150
  • Successful execution of a subscription to:
  • Polco premium Tier: $ 200
  • Polco Performance or Custom Tier: $ 350

If Interested, please complete the ELGL Local Government Gig Connector application.